We want this to use this platform to share with you stories attached to our lives and culture in the form of sculpted objects. We hope by sharing these products, we can pass on their good meaning and our stories to whomever buys them.

Why Gourd? Our initial attraction to the object is to its charming shape, but the gourd is also deeply rooted in our culture as a symbol of luck and protection.

Just like how Gourd Friend is a play on good friend, Gourd in Chinese 葫芦 (hulu) has a similar pronunciation for the word blessing or wealthy. Chinese is a language that is full of homophones and puns, and often tie suspicious meanings to words that sound alike. 

Aside from its name, gourds are incredibly versatile. A young gourd is edible, its vine is ornamental, a dried gourd can be used as a self cooling water bottle, it can be used as a musical instrument and so much more!